No end in sight for bottle bank problem

WE were pleased to hear that the council is planning to remove the bottle banks from Sea Road, but not happy about the prospect of their being relocated on the old Stamco timber site in Bexhill Road.

This is even further away from the homes of the majority of people who use the banks and will especially inconvenience those without cars who have to walk to them with weighty bags of glass.

It may also lead to an increase in the number of those who, ignoring the importance of recycling, already dispose of bottles and jars with their other household waste.

It is high time the council reconsidered its whole approach to the matter.

It may be convenient for it to locate eight banks on a single site, but it would be much better for the rest of us if they were evenly distributed throughout the locality so that everyone had a bank within a reasonable walking distance.

It would be better still if our council adopted the practice of more environmentally conscious local authorities and arranged for household collections of glass.

At present Hastings has one of the worst records for recycling in southern England. Is there any hope of this sorry state of affairs being remedied?


West Hill Road

St Leonards