No answers from the authorities

I HAVE read in your columns of the opposition, and also from the people that will be happy to see the link road being built. I have also read letters from the people who use the roads and live on and around The Ridge.

They speak of hold-ups, especially when entering The Ridge from Queensway, the right hand turn down to the A21 by the Harrow Bridge (that can’t seem to cater properly for articulated vehicles) and the annoying turn right down Elphinstone Road, as well as extra traffic being diverted along an already busy thoroughfare with three schools, a fire-station and a main hospital. This is quite well documented and is a major concern to these people.

What I have not seen however is any answer from the authorities about how the extra traffic will be accommodated. Have they got a bigger plan in place which is being kept secret, maybe a link road from the link road to take the traffic to the A21 or are we to see bigger roundabouts and new traffic lights, or is it just a ‘wait and see what happens’ type of affair?

Come on East Sussex County Council, give us a clue, after all you are using our money for the project.


Maplehurst Rise

St Leonards