Nice to see you, to see you nice

Hastings Observer letters
Hastings Observer letters

From: Ian Fuller, Canute Road, Hastings

My humble appreciation to your columnist Blaise Tapp for the skill in which he weaved his quaint and so subtle political thoughts into his appreciation of the peerless Sir Bruce Forsyth, page 67, paragraph six, edition 25 August 2017, if you dare.

In one priceless unleashing of his mighty pen or key pad, I now fear for the longevity and status of your current political satirist, and her column, a certain Ms Rudd.

Maybe, at the very least, Mr Tapp is after a job share with the rapidly falling female star. After all, there does not appear to be a surfeit of comedy double acts treading the boards these days.

“Nice to see you, to see you....”