New lighting is too dark

Am I the only person to be appalled by the new ‘low energy’ (or whatever they are supposed to be) street lights that have been installed around the town?

I rarely set foot outside when it was dark apart from when I had to go to and from work because I considered the old street lighting in the side roads to be woefully inadequate.

You can imagine, therefore, how horrified I was to discover that it was to be replaced by something worse.

I saw the proposed new lights when they were on display some months ago in Priory Meadow and Morrisons and, as I said to the gentleman from the council (East Sussex County Council or Hastings Borough Council?) that it seemed obvious from the design of the new lamps that they could not produce so much light over as large an area as the old ones.

He disputed this but it doesn’t take a genius to see that, if the actual lights are tiny and sit high up under the cover, they cannot possibly emit light to as wide an area as those which protrude below the cover.

My point was proved when I had reason to look out of my window very late one night due to some noise outside and I saw how dark it was compared with how it used to be.

I will definitely not feel safe walking around now and, apart from anything else, we need light to see what we are walking in because there are still people who do not clear up after their dogs.

I appreciate budget restrictions apply everywhere but the council seems to have put economy above safety (not that I am surprised about that).

Maybe it should be supplying us all with wind-up torches. I usually carry one anyway and I am very glad I do.

I was told recently that brighter but equally, or more, efficient lamps are available and would be interested to know if this is the case and to know what other residents think.

Jane Smith

Plynlimmon Road