New LED screens are a waste of money

It is unreal that with our road network the mess it is - potholed, road markings virtually invisible, road signs filthy and obscured by vegetation, complete roads in need of closure and proper repair (Tower Road, my first candidate) and congestion issues left to fester (Both ends of Junction Road that allegedly link Ridge West with Sedlescombe Road North spring to mind).

It is unreal therefore that money has been found to pay for LED screens keeping us up to date on what is happening around that potholed network.

These hi-tech icons of waste may as well permanently display warnings of congestion on Junction Road which as been a blot on the road landscape for years as those in charge collectively do nothing to manage the traffic at both ends of that road.

For the cost of a few pots of paint and some new signs, why can’t a roundabout be created at each end of this road - simply by painting the necessary markings and putting up the relevant signs showing us tax-paying motorists (who have just paid for those pointless LED screens) that there is someone in that cobweb festooned traffic management broom cupboard somewhere in Queen’s Road who actually wants to get this shambles sorted out?

And while they’re at it, there are other places in the borough that need similar, simply applied resolutions to traffic congestion.

Simon Stoddart

Beauport Park