Nervous of being knocked over . . .

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IT WAS with interest that I read the letters to your paper about the behaviour of children, especially in the school holidays which are now on.

I am a senior citizen and do not venture into town at the present time because of this. I am not very mobile and I am nervous of getting knocked over by children running about like wild animals, most of them having little respect for older people like me.

Years ago when I was a housewife, I hated going into supermarkets as it was much the same in school holidays then, their parents shouting out for them when they had finished their shopping. We often saw them take sweets and crisps and eat them.

My only daughter is grown-up now and a housewife, and she feels the same in the school holidays when in supermarkets. As a child, she stayed alongside us when shopping and had, and still has, respect for older people. When she became a teenager, she did not like to come shopping with us and stayed at home and amused herself.

We could not afford to take her out to places but she liked walking, especially in the path with us, and read a lot if the weather was wet.

How different it is now! It would do a lot of children good to go out walking and when back at school, to have more PE lessons, making them healthier.


Grosvenor Gardens

St Leonards