Need to enforce parking rules

From: Ian Maclean, Ponswood Road, St Leonards

On Friday, June 8 on a lovely, early evening, I drove to Sea Road, West Marina, to enjoy the sea views, sea air and generally reminisce about the old Bathing Pool, before taking a stroll.

I personally have used this area of the beach for over 70 years, being raised about 300 yards away. However, as is now commonplace along this stretch, I had difficulty finding a parking place.

Apart from the spaces lost to coach parking on the north side, there were no less than 10 motor homes, two converted vans and seven old, run-down caravans parked on the south facing beach side.

These were all in direct contravention of the large signs on the lamp posts stating ‘no overnight sleeping’. These stationary caravans had obviously been towed into place by somebody – a ghost landlord, perhaps?

I cannot imagine what the sanitation situation is along there, and what the beach and shoreline must be used for during darkness hours.

These multi-thousand pound vehicles are getting away with parking for nothing while depriving others of parking spaces.

With the main holiday period fast approaching, something needs to be done about this situation urgently, to enforce the stated law and return this pleasant, child-friendly area to its former state. After all, if I overstay or park wrongly, I would expect to be dealt with.

If I have this wrong, please feel free to contradict me.