Need to check we get what we pay for

I COMPLETELY agree with Bob Hart and Richard Stevens on their comments about the Jerwood Gallery - the council was conned or are pig-headed, perhaps even both.

Having spent our money on a public consultation the council proceeded against the wishes of the majority and gave the go-ahead for the Jerwood to be built.

Jerwood then reneged on its agreement for free entry to locals. Why did the council not withdraw its offer of free business rates? Hastings has lost revenue from fewer day-trippers with the coach park being moved. Many liked to be able to take their purchases back to their coaches and then wander around the town. Not feasible anymore.

I fail to see how increasing the entry fee will encourage more visitors to Jerwood.

I would also like to comment on the letter from Nicola Waring. Why are Jeremy Birch and the rest of the council hell bent on filling the town with office blocks when they cannot let the offices that already exist? He fails to answer any questions put to him through this paper but is the first to appear when a TV camera appears.

Finally Mr Howard was correct when he said Hastings is filthy. I came back from abroad three weeks ago and the pavements along Sedlescombe Road North have not been touched since then, with litter everywhere.

The town is not much better. Does the council not check that we are getting what we pay for? After all we have one of the highest council taxes in the country (possibly why so many shops are closing) so we should at least have a clean town.

I hope everyone remembers the council’s failings when the next election comes around.


Old Roar Road

St Leonards