Need for camera to cut accidents

I LIVE in Elphinstone Road and you only need to stand outside for about 10 minutes on some days to see the problem.

Cars are constantly driving way above the speed limit, my husband and I have personally had at least four cars hit by speeding traffic. Only the other day a young woman was nearly run over, the vehicle only missing her narrowly.

There is definitely a need for speed cameras in Elphinstone Road, the speed awareness sign does nothing. If you compare the speed that traffic moves in St Helens Road there is a very marked difference probably due to the existence of a speed camera.

I think that if you were ask anyone who lives in Elphinstone Road the true circumstances of the way people drive on this road we would all tell you the same. Many incidents are probably not even reported.

I personally bought the subject up at a street meeting with both the police and Cllr Godfrey Daniel several years ago.


Elphinstone Road