Nearer to hall, so better repairs?

IN response to Len Wright’s letter (June 29), I’d like to make a few points.

Mr Wright appears to be blaming Hastings Borough Council for the scheduling of road repairs on St Helen’s Park Road and other locations.

However, highway maintenance and resurfacing isn’t done by Hastings Borough Council – it’s East Sussex County Council.

The county always had responsibility for major schemes such as resurfacing, but routine highway maintenance and management was carried out by Hastings Borough Council, on behalf of the county council.

However, the county council has now taken back all responsibility for highways, so the borough council has no say in any of these matters – roads are now entirely the responsibility of County Hall (in Lewes) rather than the town hall (in Hastings).

So much as we would like to have the budget and responsibility to decide how, when and where our roads are maintained, we don’t any more. Mr Wright goes on to point out how much better road maintenance is handled in Eastbourne – which is strange, because it’s all done by East Sussex County Council there too.

Maybe Eastbourne is just a little closer to County Hall than we are ...

Also, I was sorry to read in last week’s Observer about the difficulties in obtaining rolls to refill the Dog Bone dog mess bags. In fact, there are a number of outlets across the town which do sell these refills and I am aware that they can also be bought online. We know that the majority of dog owners (much like the writer) are responsible and want to keep the streets free from dog mess and we appreciate the efforts that are made.

In terms of stocking this particular brand of refills at the Hastings Information Centre, unfortunately the sheer volume we would have to purchase makes it impractical.


portfolio holder environment and highways

Hastings Borough Council