Naked cycle was not indecent

From: Ian Henden B Eng, M InstRE, Gudge Heath Lane, Fareham

Regarding the letter from Pamela Waller, concerning the Hastings Naked Bike Ride, it does seem to me that her mind is so closed that it is a wonder any thoughts at all were able to escape and find their way into the Observer.

I have some difficulty coming to terms with her claim to be ambushed in Hastings last year, by the WNBR – there was no Hastings WNBR last year (or the year before that).

Prior knowledge of the WNBR would allow her to stay away from the route for a couple of hours if Pamela was really that offended.

Most people encountered by the naked cyclists received the experience in a happy, gleeful way, although there was the odd Neanderthal thug who stood shouting the most unpleasant and foul Anglo-Saxon obscenities at the top of his voice, and was very nearly arrested for his trouble. What sort of example did THAT set to his children (who were nearby)?

When somebody develops a swimming costume that keeps me dry, helps me swim better, or protects me from either drowning or being stung by jellyfish, then I might consider the purchase of such an article. In the meantime, I see no benefit in lining the pockets of Primark or M&S by purchasing what must be the most useless item of apparel worn by man.

For Pamela’s edification, there is a very valid school of thought that holds: “There is no rational reason why nudity should be so repressed; and such repression causes what are discerned as behavioural problems in subsequent generations”.

In other words: simple nudity in itself is not wrong, bad or evil. No sexual assaults took place on the Naked Bike Ride. The only indecent exposure was that experienced by those who were indecently exposed to poisonous car fumes, indecently exposed to foul language, and indecently exposed to Pamela’s opinion.

Lewd behaviour is actively discouraged on any World Naked Bike Ride. If a WNBR should be banned because a very small number might be there for sexual reasons, then it follows that the motor car should also be banned because a few drivers might behave irresponsibly, leaving someone dead. Every activity in life has some risk.

The Hastings World Naked Bike Ride has a primary objective of delivering the message about the profligate use of oil, and coal, fuels which have taken millions of years to form, and which will run out, sooner or later.

What we have left, we have to use wisely.