My witch’s curse on the link road

SO the future of Combe Haven Valley hangs in a fine balance at the moment concerning the link road.

Have any of those welcoming the idea really thought out the logistics of this scheme?

Increased traffic forced along The Ridge, passing three schools, a fire station and The Conquest hospital is a recipe for disaster already let alone taking traffic around the town, diverting it away from town centre business’s and killing off currently existing traders.

This money should be spent on improving the A21 and local rail routes not an extremely expensive ‘fools folly’.

Back in 1980 I started using parts of the valley for my witchcraft ceremonies and cast a spell of protection both on the wildlife and the plants and trees growing there.

Humankind’s greed will no doubt eventually destroy the area but be it known that when cars using the link road start having electrical and mechanical failures, businesses sink and homes built there have uncanny bad luck that those modern-day supporters, including MP Amber Rudd, welcoming the idea, realise just what they have unleashed on the town. A prediction - No, a curse.


Dane Road

St Leonards