My faith is lost in planning process

ON Wednesday, July 17, I attended my first ever planning meeting at Hastings town hall to help show the high level of opposing support against the proposed demolition of a bungalow on the prominent corner plot of Ashburnham Road and Godwin Road.

The proposal to replace it with a two-storey flat roofed house is totally out of keeping with any other property in the surrounding area and steals the amazing view that is currently enjoyed by all.

I was shocked to see how unfair and one-sided the review process is. Our spokesman Mr Lucas and councillor John Hodges did a superb job of presenting the facts against the application and presented a number of valid reasons why.

In contrast, the developer’s representative when questioned could not even recall how many bedrooms the proposed development had and could not get the road name right.

The council’s own guidelines DG7 & DG8 sets out that public views must not be obstructed. This was put to chairman councillor Godfrey Daniel who amazingly said that policy wording meant nothing and people who buy land have a right to do what they like with it.

Despite a petition of more than 120 people and 24 individual letters of complaint, the planning committee did not even want to discuss any form of compromise with the residents of Clive Vale. All were invited to view the proposed site with the local residents prior to the meeting and none even had the curtsy to respond.

I for one have totally lost faith in the planning approval process and wonder what other monstrosities are in store for the residents of Hastings St Leonards in the future?


Ashburnham Road