My dismay at the sculpture

I FEEL I must express my dismay with the selected ‘sculpture’ which is to be installed in the roundabout in Breeds Place.

While virtually everyone in this town agrees that this roundabout and tired old fountain certainly has come to the end of its useful life, this new proposal is a dreadful example of how little thought has been given to the design and relevance of a sculpture that has been awaited with such eager anticipation.

The sculptor states, and I quote - “I want to make a work that draws on its surroundings - the net huts, the tradition of pier entertainments, Hastings former role as a harbour and the makeshift constructions originally built on the nearby America Ground...the story of the America Ground was a spirit that still holds strong in Hastings - a communal sense of fierce independence - I want to make a work that reflects that spirit”...(end of quote).

Please would someone tell me in what way does this helter skelter reflect any of the Hastings qualities listed by the artist? The only connection to this town would be the funfair on the seafront - and this is not something that is overly attractive.

This work certainly does not reflect the spirit of Hastings, a great disappointment and, dare I say, we deserve better than this.


Whittlewood Close

St Leonards