MPs have lost their way and lost our trust

WHEN I saw that a female MP from the south east had stood her ground and voted in favour of a referendum, I was hoping it was our MP Amber Rudd.

I was extremely disappointed to learn that it was in fact another lady who had the principles to stand up for democracy. After the last Government manipulated our political system and suppressed the will of the electorate by reneging on a solemn promise to grant us a referendum, this is yet another betrayal by politicians we can no longer trust.

While continually taking money from us to bail out profligate bankers, huge annual payments to Brussels, and penalising the very people who have lived within their means, we are not trusted to express a view on the future of our country in case the result isn’t the one sought by the Government.

We vote for candidates on the basis they are intelligent, thinking people who will reflect the expressed views of their constituents and honour their promises. The Government whip system is obsolete and undemocratic and should have been scrapped in the name of progress years ago.

I would suggest that our MP finds time to visit the Menai Gate in Ypres during her lifetime. Seeing the walls full of the names of our war dead is a very humbling experience.

I believe they gave their lives, many of them in their teens, to keep our country free from any sort of foreign domination.

They made the ultimate sacrifice, as did thousands of fine young men in the Second World War, to give us the freedom of self expression. What a pity so-called intellectuals have chosen to sell them and us short.


Old Roar Road

St Leonards