MP working on a real problem

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AS someone who lives and works in Central St Leonards I am writing to respond to the criticism levied at our MP Amber Rudd for referring to the out of town drug dealers in our area.

We do have a problem and I wrote to Amber about it six months ago asking for her help.

She responded by coming to meet me to walk round the particular problem area herself and engaging other residents and shop keepers about the problem to learn more. Then she contacted our local police force to step up enforcement action and has stayed in touch over this matter ever since.

We still have a problem but we now have a more visible police presence and the knowledge that our MP is working with us against this real problem.

I want an MP who will take action to support our community, not ignore a problem.

Let’s work together to oppose drug dealers on our streets and support an MP who stands firm on our side.


London Road

St Leonards