MP right to side with locals over own party

I AM writing to thank Amber Rudd for the stance she has taken in support of advice agencies operating in Hastings and St Leonards including the Citizens Advice Bureau, the Hastings Advice and Representation Centre and BHT Hastings Advice.

It is never easy for a politician to take a stand against their own party, which is why I am particularly grateful that she spoke out as she did in a recent debate in Parliament.

She said that the advice services sector ‘is not replete with fat cat lawyers; it is mostly populated by men and women who are committed to helping the most needy in their communities. This is about critical sums of money for families who need every penny. Make no mistake: we need these services’.

The concerns expressed by Amber and politicians from all parties shows that access to legal and advice services by those in most need is more important than party politics, and once again I wish to thank Amber for her support.


Chief Executive

Brighton Housing Trust