MP is being somewhat naive

IT was disappointing to read in last week’s Observer that our MP Amber Rudd, accepted a donation from a disgraced banker, who, it was reported, was fined £450,000 by the FSA.

Although Ms Rudd has not broken any rules, and was above board in her disclosure of the donation, it does strike me as somewhat naive of her to accept it.

Surely Ms Rudd recognises that the great financial difficulties faced by many hard-working families in Hastings and Rye were, in part, caused by the banks. In addition, to accept a donation from somebody who clearly broke the rules, smacks of hypocrisy.

Given the impact of Government changes to the welfare system will begin to be felt from next month, reading your article did not give me the confidence that Ms Rudd is the correct person, with right judgment, to help improve local people’s quality of life.


Berlin Road