Most of us are dependent on buses

I have just had a look at the new bus timetables.

Our bus service No 27 starts at 11am from the top of Amherst Road and then terminates at Hastings station. Most of us are well into our late years and very dependent on this service.

But I know all medical appointments and so on will have to be after 11.30am, so nearly all of the day will be wasted. We understand that the changes are required but at least our requirements should have been considered. We would be able to cope easier if the four buses a day that we are allotted were spaced sensitively across the day.

We have all been to the meetings and filled in all the forms and petitions over the last few years but it seems to have been to no avail. Lip service seems to be the watchword. So to my fellow travellers you will have to pay £3.50 each way to town or live as hermits.

R A Hayward

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