More houses means more traffic chaos

IT is 8.45am on May 13 and I am driving east along The Ridge towards Ore village, the cars travelling West are queuing from The Harrow right down to Pine Avenue.

It took me 20 minutes to get to Ore but I was lucky as I was just taking my dog for a walk to Fairlight Country Park and was in no hurry, so how long does it take the cars on the other side of the road to get to their destination?

I hate to think, as they must have to leave up to an hour early to get to work/school on time, and all this is without the traffic we will be getting from the Link Road when it opens.

What is the matter with the council allowing so many flats/houses to be built along The Ridge, every house/flat will have at least one car so I can imagine what chaos there will be on a road already chock-a-block, I suppose the next building site will be Mount Denys.


Woodlands Farm