Money wasted if you can’t rent out offices

I’M writing about the Observer article a few weeks ago reporting that Hastings Borough Council has been allocated an £8.5 million interest-free loan to regenerate the old office blocks at the top of Havelock Road.

Why waste money on office space you can’t rent out? Don’t forget, although it is interest-free, you will still have to pay it back in the future, leaving our residents with massive debts. A good thing to do is turn the old Observer building into a massive indoor warehouse where individual people can hire a small stall or unit to sell things like antiques, crafts, bric-a-brac, books, records, collectables, stamps, and toys. This building could be regenerated and made into three floors of small units, creating lots of opportunities for young and old to create wealth and interest so people will come to this end of town.

Twenty-five years I’ve lived here, and this rundown building has been the biggest eyesore blot on our town.

Come on, where is Grotbusters? Get your finger out and do something constructive: generate jobs, generate wealth, generate interest.


Braybrooke Road