Modest recognition of their achievement

I HAVE only just seen the letter from Charles Greenfield-Adams concerning ‘Homeless helpers invited to the House of Lords’.

First of all I share his sentiments that it is extremely irritating to see that people have to wait so long for social housing.

However let me reassure Mr Greenfield-Adams that Emmaus for the homeless enables people who are on the streets to come into a community, leave the ‘dole’ behind and engage in meaningful work according to their capacity.

This enables those individuals to be rehabilitated back into what we call mainstream life and is extremely successful.

In a survey conducted recently by the University of Cambridge it was stated that each Emmaus community, of which there are 20 in this country, saves the local taxpayer some £800,000 per annum.

I think Mr Greenfield-Adams will agree with me that this is a worthy and worthwhile organisation and it was entirely appropriate that on the 20th anniversary of Emmaus in this country there should be a modest recognition of their achievement at the House of Lords.

Incidentally the whole event was sponsored by Barbon and was therefore at absolutely no cost at all to the taxpayer or donors to the charity.


President Emmaus UK