Moaning readers just need to get over it

WHAT a lot of moaning minnies Observer readers seem to be.

A group calling themselves STAG has a problem with an old gatehouse being turned into 27 flats and building 136 homes at Archery Road.

It’ll be the ‘death-knell’ of conservation in Hastings. Areas of historic importance will be ‘lost forever‘. The Mayor, the council leader, and the town’s MP have planted a tree in memory of James Burton. So, no worries.

The monotony of continued and repeated grumbles about Jerwood Gallery and development at The Stade, the level of income lost from car and coach parking, failure to explain how the scheme addresses economic disadvantage, a perpetual nag about lost revenues in the Old Town. It’s very boring.

Failure to complete Priory Quarter on time, low levels of occupancy at the Innovation Park, demolition of Queensbury House for an office block of 64,500sqft.

There was even a boo-hoo over the mediocrity of landscaping at Station Plaza, how bad it looks, what a poor welcome for visitors.

And how come the manager of St Mary-in-the-Castle (letters, Observer, August 19) runs the venue without an operating subsidy but can’t get over the borough council doling out £500,000 a year to manage White Rock Theatre? It’s only for 10 years.

Why can’t she get over it? Now, another team of fault finders (page 15, Observer, August 19) have to have their say. 230 petitioners reckon it’s a bad idea to locate recycling bins close to residential housing on Sea Road, St Leonards.

Complaints are about increased traffic and the noise of smashing glass late at night. Planning permission is not required. Council is trialling the facility, other sites are not being considered. Why don’t these residents just get used to it?

One in 10 of the country’s beaches faces the threat of being shut down because the sea is ‘too polluted for bathing’. Government analysis reveals 51 beaches (including Hastings and St Leonards, and Bexhill are projected to fail water quality standards to be introduced in 2015. We’ll have to live with it.

I’m mostly happy with the 55p Observer, but want to ask some of your contributors with grievances to just give over, for goodness sake. Enough already.


Grove Road