Misgivings about link road plan

IT’S 7.15am, Sunday, and all I can hear is the endless deafening growl and rumble of giant excavators gauging a path through local hillock and countryside as the new Bexhill-Hastings link road is being forced upon us.

With unblinking zeal we are told by our councillors that the new road will lead to new housing and the construction of new business units; and yet the retail hearts of our towns sit empty and desperate.

Too many buildings in our area are derelict and unused (the old newspaper building in the heart of Hastings, for example), yet there seems to be no will to convert these into the kind of homes that could quickly reignite the heart of our communities. They would rather turn our beautiful local landscape into an endless grey sprawl of homes and warehouses.

As there is a cap on our council taxes, our councillors have circumnavigated this block on their income by building yet more buildings to claw in more tax. More people equals more money.

Everyone I have spoken to has grave misgivings about our existing infrastructure; will the existing local roads and piddly, over-used roundabout (that connects Queensway to The Ridge) be sufficient for the influx of new traffic? Of course not.

Will the schools and public services be able to absorb the burden as characterless new housing developments are built? They’ll just have to get on with it, I suppose.

Oh well, too late to do anything about it all now. Rant over, ear plugs back in.


Watermint Close

St Leonards