Memories of my father’s friend

I WOULD like, through your newspaper, to thank Daphne Friend for her lovely letter, published October 11, about how she met two RAF men, one being her future husband, Ray, on the pier in 1952 and the other being my father, Michael Richard Bowers.

The letter was most poignant to me as it was published on the third anniversary of my dad’s death.

Ray and my dad were friends for most of their lives and served in the RAF together – Ray was best man at my mum, Patricia Valerie (Val) Crouch, and dad’s wedding in 1955.

It was obvious that being in the RAF played a big part in my dad’s life, he was in the crash crew at Thorney Island, Hampshire, as he spent most of his time reminiscing about the antics that he and Ray got up to.

My dad also worked at the Hastings Observer for many years before being made redundant when the paper moved from the Observer building in Cambridge Road to its current address.

I was sorry to hear about Mr Friend’s illness and wish him and his wife all the best.


Hawthorn Road