Memories of a special landmark

CONGRATULATIONS to Hastings Borough Council and Simon Opie. for all their efforts to reassemble the pier.

In 1956 on a very cold February evening I met my wife of 55 years under the clock in the ballroom of the pier. As a 19-year-old serving airman stationed at RAF Wartling,the pier was the place to be on a Saturday night.

There was always a local dance band to dance and jive the night away and on special occasions an up and coming or established big band would be on offer.

This special evening it was Ray Ellington and his band.The pier became our favourite dating place and during our courting days we met Tom Jones who sold us his first big hit It’s Not Unusual for 6/8d. There 300 of us that night and the next week it was PJ Proby with I believe 3,000 people trying to get onto the pier.

Many, many other bands followed with The Rolling Stones and The Who among them. That was nearly 58 years ago and even after all that time the pier and all our memories still are strong in our lives.

Just to see that she will be a huge part of Hastings rejuvenation again will make many, many of us very happy indeed. Once again well done and many, many thanks.


Downs Road