Meeting wasn’t just for Hastings people

I AM responding to the letter that you published last week by Chris Laverick of Hastings Against Fascism.

Firstly, he states that the Members and Supporters meeting with Nick Griffin went ahead as planned within the borough of Hastings and St Leonards and not Eastbourne as he states although an officers meeting earlier in the day, also with Mr Griffin did take place in Eastbourne.

We have also never made any claim that the meeting was aimed at just those from Hastings and 182 from Kent and Sussex attended the Members meeting that caused all of the fuss.

It is a little odd that Mr Laverick would make an issue of this when his alleged 220 he claimed were from Hastings, were clearly being bussed in from Brighton and other places and according to several sources the actual number of his supporters that managed to make it to the Baldslow Memorial Hall was nearer fifty and these were contained around the bus shelter.

A lot has been said in the past few week about what we are and are not meant to be, may I therefore urge those readers that actually are interested in what we really say to log on to our website.


Emmanuel Road

Regional Organiser (South East Region)

British National Party