Meeting concerns fell on deaf ears

I WRITE regarding your report of the meeting at the Azur on November 11 about the proposal to move the post office from Cambridge Road to the local branch of WH Smith in Priory Meadow.

I think your reporter must have been at a different meeting to me, as it was certainly biased in favour of the relocation of the Cambridge Road post office to WH Smith’s premises.

No account was taken of the comments from the floor of the meeting, all very much in favour of keeping the post office where it is, where there is ample room for elderly people with disabilities, and mums with buggies and small children.

Your reporter quoted at length the comments of the local MP, Amber Rudd, whom you would have supposed to have been in attendance, when in fact, she was conspicuous by her absence.

It does give us all the distinct impression, as is so often in cases such as these, that decisions have already been made, and the period of public consultation is a sham.

It would be nice to have more accurate reporting from our local paper, especially as well over 6,000 people have so far signed the petition to keep the post office where it is.

Furthermore, there was no mention by your reporter of the significant and prominent part enacted at this meeting by the parliamentary Labour candidate, Sarah Owen.

Also no coverage was given to the worries and concerns expressed by, and on behalf of, the post office staff attending the meeting, and whose employment will be so seriously affected.


Waverley Court