Marina plan is a big risk for town

Hastings Observer letters
Hastings Observer letters

From: Steve Rodrick, Laton Road, Hastings

Lots of houses, lots of jobs, lots of visitors. What’s not to like? Peter Chowney, our usually sensible leader of the council, seems to have fallen under the spell of the developers. Even if lots of houses were built, and social housing at that, it’s completely the wrong place for so many reasons they’re hardly worth listing.

On environmental and traffic grounds this proposal should be a complete non-starter. The setting and character of the old town would be spoiled forever. The traffic congestion doesn’t bear thinking about.

So why aren’t the borough and county councils spelling this out loud and clear?

I understand the council has to seek new investment in our town, but in so doing it must never forget that ultimately a large developer is only interested in maximising its profit and will walk away at some point leaving us with the consequences. We risk losing a great deal. The claimed benefits look illusory to me. I have spoken to local residents, visitors and local businesses. Nobody thinks it’s what Hastings needs and all think it is in the wrong place.

I wish I had more confidence that our civic leaders won’t sell us short.