Make the criminals pay

I write regarding the November 1 article about Katy Bourne proposing to raise the police’s portion of council tax.

Some of our police officers may be wonderful, but this is militated against by a system run by people who are far less likely to be routinely affected by crime than the ordinary Hastings resident. We see PCSOs chatting in the town centre whilst ignoring cyclists illegally weaving through pedestrian shoppers, CCTV cameras either not functioning or pointed the wrong way (thus missing pickpockets,assaults, and other crimes), and all the while police can only say: ‘without witnesses we can do nothing’ .

Further, it should be obvious that the substantial amount and type of recorded crime is repeatedly committed by known individuals of a certain sort, in particular areas. If these useless and harmful individuals do not originate in Hastings, they should be ‘deported’ to their place of origin and not allowed to return without facing an automatic custodial sentence if they do (not a new idea in England).

Crime is a choice. The vast majority of Hastings citizens are law-abiding, decent people, and those on low incomes or pensions should not be further pressured to reduce our standards of living (due to rising fuel, high taxes etc). Make the criminals pay for for the extra 3.6 per cent which they have caused...not us!


Park Crescent