Make our roads ‘car worthy’

THE time has come for the authorities to be made accountable for the state of the roads.

One way or another the motorist is subjected to all manner of rules and regs when he/she gets behind the wheel - MOT, speed cameras, speed humps, parking etc etc.

Yet, the roads we pay for have degenerated to the state where we will be reading of a motor or pedal cyclist being killed by one of those numerous death traps out there - or potholes as we know them.

It is bad enough having to have repairs made to your car’s suspension because of this scandalous situation - if the pot hole doesn’t get you, the speed hump surely will. Yet, what recourse does the motorist have?

But get caught doing 36mph in a 30mph zone and the full weight of the law will be applied. Perhaps those ludicrously titled safety camera partnership mobile speed camera vans would be more usefully employed taking pictures of the replica Grand Canyons that appear daily out on the roads?

All very well telling us our cars should be road worthy - how about making the roads car worthy?


Wellis Gardens

St Leonards