Make needs of doctors priority

I WRITE in response to Dennis Moon’s letter in the Observer (October 11) regarding the parking in Falaise Road while Carisbrooke Surgery is temporarily housed in mobile units.

I would like to say that while the rules and regulations stated by Mr Moon cannot be set aside and there is a need to support sports activities in the community there is also a need to address the fact that medical and family doctors’ needs must surely outweigh the concessions given to a recreational activity.

It is vital that staff in the temporary surgery have free and open access throughout their extended working day in order that the health needs of their patients from the community are maintained to the highest level.

I would suggest that the needs and costs of parking to attend a sports and recreational activity and the needs of a busy medical practice are not mutually exclusive and while I have significant awareness and understanding of the needs of the established users of these parking facilities the needs of a busy practice cannot be ignored, indeed access for both patients and health workers must remain paramount in our minds.

As far as I am aware the mobile units are a temporary measure and Mr Moon will have his parking concessions restored in due course.

In conclusion, I would like to pay tribute to all the staff of Carisbrooke Surgery who, within hours of the fire, began work on maintaining a service to all patients.



Carisbrooke Surgery Patient Users Group