Majestic birds soar overhead

I AGREE with Bob Hart it is very distressing to see one bird eating another but it is a sight frequently seen in nature.

I have often seen sparrowhawks, magpies, peregrine falcons and jackdaws swooping and carrying off tiny birds or else raiding nests and eating the young of other smaller birds.

Last year I came across numerous headless bodies of water fowl such as ducks and moorhens in the ponds at Guestling.

It is a very natural occurrence and frequently seen in the countryside and something one has to cope with if you love the great outdoors.

I personally love herring gulls, they are quite majestic soaring overhead and have great personality.

When I first moved to the coast eight years ago I was awoken very early the first morning with the gulls calling. I didn’t think I would ever get used to the noise but that was the only time I ever had a problem and I absolutely love their energy, vitality and beauty.

I have never had my rubbish pulled out because I have always double bagged it and only put it out at the last moment.


Guestling Thorn