Maisonettes are better than flats

RE: Observer, December 20, page 10, ‘New development in deprived area’, could I kindly inform whoever that they were not six-year-old flats that were demolished in 2006.

Long after residents were ‘decamped’ in 2003/2004, there were six blocks of three- and four-bedroomed maisonettes - 84 in total.

There’s a lot of difference in a flat and a maisonette. Life was good in the maisonettes. We were all friends and neighbours and we were like our own community.

The regeneration programme came into being under the then Labour government and destroyed not only our community, but a lot more. There are areas a lot more deprived than Broomgrove and these maisonettes were far from old. They were built in the mid 1960s and were solid as a rock.

Hard to rent was the reason we were told we had to ‘decamp’. That was rubbish because one rarely saw a maisonette empty. In fact, they were highly sought after due to their size - a large sitting room/lounge, 17 ft x 13 ft.

Myself, my late husband and my family were residents for 36 years. Most other residents were there for 20/30 years


Malvern Way