Mainstream parties should seek all votes

IN the AV article two weeks ago, Amber Rudd surprised me by saying: “I would not welcome a situation where any major party is looking at how to win the BNP vote.”

Her comment seemed to imply she does not want mainstream parties to fight for everyone’s vote and was content with leaving pockets for extremists as all the winning candidate has to do is beat their main opponent.

The BNP only seems to grow where mainstream parties fail to challenge it. The BNP would not waste its time completing a competitive election it would be pushed out of, as mainstream parties find mainstream responses to the issues the BNP manipulates for its own ends.

Rather than “the BNP would almost certainly win seats for the first time” it would become even harder for the party to win, which is why it’s againt AV.

Amber Rudd really does not need to be scared of the electorate. Those who voted Liberal Democrat would have had to switch to Labour over the her by about two votes to one, when Labour were particularly unpopular and the Conservatives had become more liberal. That is ignoring English Democrat voters and UKIP voters.

Opposing something because it benefits another another party at their own expense seems the principal reason why Labour opposes the boundary reform but I cannot see how this is a valid objection for either voting or boundary reform.


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