Lucky to have so many butchers

IN the midst of the gloom of the economy, link roads, meat that isn’t what it says on the label and has escaped all our UK meat checks, there is good news for Hastings.

We may not have the solution to the economy, we didn’t succeed in losing the link road, but we do have at least five independent butchers’ shops in the town.

From Ore in the northeast corner to the A259 in the southwest and at places in between, Hastings boasts a wealth of traditional butchers’ shops.

Not only is their meat cheaper overall than that of the supermarkets; it’s guaranteed British, certificated to every English standard and test (as are the shops) and has travelled a minimum distance between farm and counter. So not dragged alive for slaughter across Europe for days in a freezing truck without water or food and unable to lie down. Then brought back dead and mushed up with rubbish (aka ‘filler’) for us to eat.

Not only is the local butcher’s meat, both raw and cooked, always safe to eat, but the butcher can tell you which local farm the meat you choose came from and he has the paperwork to prove it.

If ever a reason was needed to use local small shops it must be now and how fortunate we are in this borough to still have that choice!


The Ridge