Lots of thanks from the Winkle Club

I WRITE on behalf of the Hastings Winkle Club to thank the Observer for its coverage given to the installation of the new winkle sculpture on Winkle Island in the Old Town.

May I thank all those who participated in or just showed their support for our official unveiling ceremony on Sunday, April 1.

It was a great honour for the Winkle Club and indeed the town as a whole to be able to welcome the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, Admiral the Lord Boyce, the patron of our club to perform the unveiling.

This, however, is only the start of our vision for Winkle Island.

We firstly achieved Blue Plaque status and now we have Leigh Dyer’s magnificent, iconic work of art which will surely establish itself as a real landmark in the midst of the precious Old Town.

The Winkle Club is pleased to be working in partnership with the Hastings Old Town Residents’ Association towards the joint aim of upgrading the whole of Winkle Island in order to set this new feature within an appropriate context. Our vision is to see the island repaved, resplendent with new seating and ‘Information Board/s’.

Winkle Island reflects the town’s history and deserves proper recognition.

The Winkle Club was founded on the principle of raising money for local good causes and the new winkle sculpture can both be admired for its artistry and yet give those appreciating the skill of the sculptor and the motives behind this creation the chance to contribute towards the club’s formative aims.

Renewed thanks to all those who have helped with this project to date and please continue to support the Winkle Club in its longer term ambitions.



Hastings Winkle Club