Loss of service puts lives at risk

EAST Sussex County Council (ESCC) is hoping to save £50,000 by withdrawing crossing patrols from 13 schools (the £140,000 reported in last week’s Observer would be the saving were all school crossing patrols to be withdrawn).

This includes Christ Church primary school in St Leonards, where one patrol (on Tower Road) has already been withdrawn. The other is on London Road, an extremely busy road which many children have to cross to get to school.

Taking away the crossing patrol at this and other schools would put children’s lives at risk and is not an area where savings should be made.

At the same time as ESCC is trying to save the paltry sum of £50,000 in this area, it is throwing ever more money at the Link Road (which when built will, according to the county council’s own figures, cause a large increase in traffic locally, thereby exacerbating the danger).

In July, the council agreed a further £13 million for the road, bringing the total to more than £113 million, of which £57 million would come from East Sussex (that is, us).

In other words, axing these crossing patrols would save less than 0.09 per cent of the money the council is throwing at the Link Road. What price a

child’s life?

That the council feels free to spend £57 million (and rising) of public money on the Link Road, but cannot find £50,000 to keep children safe on their

way to school, says all you need to know about the council and its priorities.


Milward Road