Loss of much-needed business

Last Saturday saw beautiful spring sunshine and as you would expect brought many much-needed visitors to the town.

However I was flabbergasted to see a complete absence of authority and signs to warn motorists that the car parks were full. A procession of cars trailed along Rock-a-Nore into the small car park which was full then back into the larger car park which was full and back out into Rock-a-Nore.

The process must have taken up to an hour. If that is not madness, then what is?

Pubs, restaurants and shops must have been livid to see such a loss of much-needed business as I am sure many of those motorists just headed home.

In addition the Jerwood Gallery looked very sparsely attended and I remember questioning at the time the wisdom of putting it in The Stade. I felt that its much more natural environment should have been in the St Leonards area.

After leaving the Old Town I walked up behind the White Rock and there seems ample space up there for traffic overflow from the Old Town. Surely Hastings Borough Council should be more alert and on the ball and should have had at least one policeman positioned at the corner of the A259 and Rock-a-Nore, guiding or advising motorists, who must have been livid and probably will never revisit Hastings.

Chris Kilroy

Bourne Court

The Bourne