Losing sight of the town’s historic appeal

THE letter in the Observer, May 6 “Lacuna Place” was interesting where Roger Collyer commented on the partially finished 1 Priory Square.

This is in keeping with the “good enough for Hastings” philosophy that prevails in this town where the once attractive pedestrianisation schemes are repaired with tarmacadam (blacktop) because its the cheapest form of repair and historic lighting columns are replaced with modern steel by the County Highway Department.

Members of Hastings Borough Council blame East Sussex County Council (ESCC) for not making matching repairs to surfaces etc, as it seems ESCC wants a money contribution for higher quality repairs.

In a town where the councils cannot afford to look after our existing street scene much effort and money has been spent ripping up the hard wearing red brick surface of The Stade coach park to be replaced with a surface of “Hardicrete” without any confirmation that there will be any funds available to properly repair it in the future.

Members of all the parties should get out more to see what other towns and cities are doing and perhaps they would not have been seduced into believing that an art gallery on the beach would be a solution to unemployment in the town.

They might also have realised that people visit Hastings because of its history and buildings and not a few items of modern art or to be confronted by the increasingly tatty surfaces in Robertson Street.


Lower Park Road