Looking to fix commuter chaos

AS SOMEBODY who has to commute to Eastbourne it is clear that there is a massive problem with the Bexhill Road that causes me and many others daily irritation, wear and tear on our vehicles, pollutes the environment and wastes fuel.

It is an environmental and economic disaster, and something needs to be done and fast.

I am therefore first in the queue to shout ‘hooray’ that this is back on the agenda.

However what we see with the current proposal is a lack of joined up thinking. If we are going to spend millions let’s get it right for a change.

Firstly why do I drive when there is a railway line going almost door to door?

Quite simply trains only run once an hour and get me to work either at five to eight (and who wants to be at work an hour early?) Or five to nine (too late).

The same coming home. I can catch a train at ten to five or wait until quarter to six. If I drive I am home by then. This is because trains do not stop any more at intermediate stations.

I could get a bus from Eastbourne station but these frequently drive straight past full, and going back to the station the train just drove straight through. What’s more trains at rush hour are usually standing room only.

Therefore my first proposal for this money is investment in the rail infrastructure giving us more frequent trains on a shuttle service between Ashford and Brighton.

My second proposal is regarding the road itself. It flows well enough between Bexhill and Eastbourne.

The problems are between Bexhill and Hastings. The main pinch point is the Glyne Gap roundabout. This problem could be solved by simply installing a flyover for through traffic that is going straight on the A259.

The second area is the Harley Shute traffic lights. The solution here is probably nothing more than re-phasing to allow through traffic to flow more, or another flyover. Job done at half the cost and with minimal impact to the environment.

Solution three would be to find a job in Hastings. Oh how I wish I could but have you tried doing so?

Ahh that will be because businesses won’t come here because we have such an awful rail network.


Collier Road