Looking for those connected with maternity home

I HAVE a request. I am trying to find anyone born at Broadhill Maternity Home, Keymer Road, Burgess Hill, Sussex between 1945-1951, or anyone who had worked or knew someone who may have worked there at any time.

The 18-bedroomed house was built in 1901 by a Bond Street jeweller George William Ryder, and later owned by a diamond mining engineer/director - William Maine Treglown, working for Ingersol Rand during 1923-45.

The Canadian army took over the place in the war and then it was sold and became a maternity/nursing home, believed to have been bought by owners of Green Hedges Maternity Home in Westmeston around 1945-47.

The home catered for mothers having their babies born and adopted.

It is an amazing place and I would dearly love to find anyone with any connections to the place. I was born there in 1949, was adopted and went to live in Brighton. I found my birth mother in 1997 living on Vancouver Island, Canada. She is alive and kicking and 91 years old (a real character).

I now live in the wilds of Somerset. Email wbbrjn@yahoo.co.uk.


Mendip Vale