Localism Bill might be the answer

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FOLLOWING your proposed ‘New Planning Forum’ article and the new letters in response last week I have to concur that it will indeed be a complete waste of time and scarce council resources.

This conclusion is based on the fact that our present planning system needs a complete overhaul not just here in Hastings but nationwide.

Thankfully a possible, and I must repeat possible, solution is on its way in the form of radical revisions to the system embodied in the Localism Bill (LB), giving extensive powers to local people on planning matters.

I urge all those interested in improving the quality of planning decisions, and in my view quality is the key word, to read the relevant parts of the LB which can be found at: www.communities.gov.uk or, if they contact me at kgdavis129@gmail.com, I can e-mail them a very useful presentation on the subject from Planning Aid.

All this will only stand a chance of success though if people other than the usual NIMBYS or narrow interest groups are prepared to be actively involved.

The proposed forum, however, is already dead in the water.


Old Roar Road

St Leonards