Live dangerously... by eating a banana

WITH regard to the article published in the Observer (February 24) about mobile phone masts one would suggest that those who complain about the health risks of such masts should educate themselves or at the very least consult a scientist before complaining.

I myself live very near to the proposed site of the mobile phone mast (Bluestone Close) and was horrified not by the audacity of the mobile phone companies in putting a mast so near to my home but by the ignorance of the protesters.

There is no real health risk to living near a mobile phone mast, one is exposed to greater levels of radiation from eating a banana or a brazil nut, or indeed from standing outside and being exposed to cosmic radiation from the sky. Would these protesters ban shops from selling bananas next, due to the dangers these present to health?

Or indeed ban their children from going outside and being exposed to cosmic radiation?

I think not, in fact the picture in your paper clearly shows the protesters standing outside where they are exposed to all kinds of ionising radiation, which is far more lethal than the non-ionising radiation which come from mobile phone masts.

So come on everybody get you placards, we’re headed for the greengrocers.


Bluestone Close

St Leonards