Link road will ease traffic in some areas

AS I expected my previous letter has brought out the usual objectors to this Link Road.

Why is it they always mention the urban roads that, yes, will have some increase in traffic, as drivers readjust to the new road layout in our area.

But they fail to mention those urban roads that will see, in some cases, major reduction in traffic.

Roads such as De La Warr Road, Hastings Road, Bexhill (two schools) Bexhill Road, Harley Shute Road (three schools) Ironlatch Avenue, Blackman Avenue, and possibly Filsham Road.

Traffic would flow on a road designed to modern standards with few junctions and away from roads flanked on either side by family houses with a multitude of junction leading to more homes.

There are also those rural roads that will see reductions, Crowhurst Road and Powdermill Lane.

Yes, this new road needs careful treatment, it has already been planned with SSSI in mind, and landscaping of the ground adjacent must be to the highest standard to reduce its impact.

Dr Clark, I think most of the drivers in Hastings know that as the results of the Government spending cut, not only the Baldslow Junction but also the Kippings Cross to Lamberhurst Improvement have been cancelled.

The A21 Tonbridge to Pembury Dualling is, to quote the Highways Agency, on a list of ‘schemes to be prepared for start of construction in future spending review periods’.

What we should be campaigning for is the improvement of the Baldslow Junction, even if not along the lines of the three grand schemes consulted on some years ago.

By the way only one of these proposals involved major works to The Ridge West and that was a roundabout for traffic to cross it to go on to the A21, the other two proposals had direct links to the A21 from Queensway.

This junction improvement should be constructed concurrent with the link road for them both to open at the same time.


Essenden Road