Link road will do as it says on wrapper

THERE have been a number of letters recently against the Hastings-Bexhill link road. I would like to put the case for this road.

It says what it is on the wrapper: a link road, providing a direct link for the some 40,000 residents in Bexhill to the A21, A28, employment areas in Hastings, and the Conquest Hospital.

This is without the need to drive through residential areas.

In a recent letter, it was stated that traffic on Queensway will increase by 81 per cent. Good.

This will mean that this traffic will no longer be driving along residential roads such as Harley Shute, Ironlatch Avenue and Blackman Avenue.

It will mean that Powdermill Lane and Crowhurst Road can return to being quite country lanes and not rat runs for drivers trying to avoid De La Warr and Bexhill roads.

Yes, a vital part of the new road is the Baldslow junction improvements, linking The Ridge West to the A21 and A28.

Indeed, this improvement is needed now as I understand HGV drivers prefer to go through Hollington or Battle to avoid the south end of Junction Road and its junction with the start of the trunk road section of the A21.

I understand that the reason Hastings and Bexhill did not get a bypass is that there is very little traffic passing through the area to the east.

Stand on Bexhill Road for half an hour, then do the same for Rye Road, to see, in comparison, how little traffic leaves and enters Hastings from that direction. Sat nav directions from Dover and the Channel Tunnel to Brighton and Lewes take you via the M25.

Indeed, if a bypass had have been constructed, a bypass would have also been needed to Icklesham, Whichelsea and Rye, along with improvements to the rest of the route to Brenzett, as this route would then divert traffic off the M25.

This, I believe, would have been worth fighting against.

Yes, local buses need improving, but it’s more important that the towns of Bexhill, St Leonards and Hastings get improved links to London and the rest of the country, if the area is to prosper and provide employment for the next generation.


Essenden Road

St Leonards