Link road will be a ‘sure disaster’

FIRSTLY may I wish you continued success in 2014. I write regarding a topic that is never too far away - the Hastings bypass but not so much the road but the surrounding land.

What is happening here will be a sure disaster for future generations of the town, where it is being pushed through quickly to benefit people in the now not those who will have to set up home there in the years to come.

Frankly here I must say that I am not concerned about bussiness’s there as they do so at their own risk and have the option to research the area before the commitment to open there, if they even bother to do that!

Let’s face it Combe Haven Valley is a flood plain and when the railway used to run through it it was on a very high viaduct. Not so the road and its surroundings. It is ok to say how good it will be to open land for affordable homes but will these homes be insured properly against acts of nature and will these homes continually flood in periods of weather like we are having now?

Nature has had enough of the wan ten destruction of the landscape and is now reclaiming back the land with ‘unexpected and far more powerful weather’ predicted for the future and this is official.

I would like to see insurers of the future be forced, both here and nationally, to give a risk assessment for the possibility of flooding. I would also like the companies that build these homes be held to some sort of responsibility for knowingly building on areas that risk flooding.

I would not like to see homes flooded, families uprooted for months at a time only for the whole sequence to happen again because someone wanted to cut corners and make money quickly now, rather than think of the occupants of the future who, after all, would like to see any garden swimming pool in advance rather than nature unleash one on them!

I suppose any such home could include a free rubber dingy!


Dane Road

St Leonards