Link road traffic concerns

link road

As the great debate continues over the route of the Bexhill to Hastings Link Road, I wondered whether anyone can tell me, because I think that I may have missed this bit, how the roads at the Hastings end of the bypass are going to cope with all this extra traffic.

The powers that be want to take this large amount of traffic from the current A259 and add it to the already busy B2092 Queensway and The Ridge having no consideration for the fact that these roads are already struggling with the current volume of traffic.

This increased amount of traffic will have to pass three schools and a hospital on route to Ore to meet up with the A259 again.

East Sussex County Council quotes on its own website that:-

People living along or using the A259 will benefit from:

1) reduced traffic, less congestion and fewer accidents

2) improved bus reliability and services

3) better air quality and safer conditions for cyclists and pedestrians.

Unfortunately, no apparent thought has been given to the people living along The Ridge who will gain higher traffic congestion, more accidents, a slower bus service and a great deal more pollution.


High Beech Glade