Link Road. No thanks.

THE CONCLUSIONS of the consultants’ reports (covered in the Observer recently) confirm my suspicions about this road.

Namely that we are being sold a pup, and an expensive one at that. Sadly however we will be contributing to its purchase through our council tax - £15million spent so far and a minimum of £29million on top of that if the road goes ahead.

The county council hasn’t seriously explored alternative ways of reducing traffic congestion because it is a one-trick pony, believing the environmentally destructive link road is the only way ahead and ‘absolutely central’ to the future of Bexhill and Hastings.

It has no Plan B.

I certainly don’t wish to contribute my share of the £29million and I’m not the only one if my conversations with local people are representative of local feeling.

Even those with no strong feelings about the road want their money spent on more worthy causes in these straitened times.

Your letters pages of recent weeks bear this view out. Let’s trust that the government will again decide that its (our) money can be better invested elsewhere.

Peter Caunter,

Newlands Ave, Bexhill-on-Sea