Link road is all cut and dry

We read so much regarding the link road but whatever we say it was already decided what was going to happen years ago.

But was it only going to be built to take the traffic away from Bexhill Road? Where does all the traffic go when they build X number of houses on the bypass

area? Will all that extra traffic be sent elsewhere?

They do say the road will reduce the traffic by 40 per cent but do these councillors live in a different world?

Has anybody thought about all the brownfield sites in Hastings going to rack and ruin? Come on, you councillers, don’t let these people with money call the tune. Think about the people who live in the Bexhill Road area.

Whatever we say it’s all cut and dry. I do realise we need houses but building on marshland is crazy.

D R Grice

Conqueror Road

St Leonards